It’s Never Too Late to Start a Garden!

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In Episode 9 we’re debunking Liz’s favorite myth about the hard and fast rules for when and how to start a garden. I (Jenny) convinced her exactly one year ago to start a garden, which was late summer. We talk about how she was up and running in about an hour and harvesting in just a few weeks. Lastly, we invite you to join in and grow greens at home with us just like Liz does, this September, right on time to celebrate your harvest on National Kale Day, October 7th! Join in HERE

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It’s Never Too Late to Start a Garden

True or False: Is There is Vegetable Garden Season that MUST Be Respected
The Trick is to Pick a Quick-Growing Crop
Growing Greens Year -Round IS Possible, But Requires Some Planning
Minimum Requirements for Growing Greens
Introducing Kale A Rama – Are You In?
Why Do You Grow Food

True or False: Is There a Vegetable Garden Season that MUST Be Respected

False! Totally false. There are many gardening seasons within the timeframe that most of us associate with ‘the season’ in our region. We have multiple opportunities throughout the year ( or maybe just 3 seasons worth of it) to plant and harvest certain veggies.

While you may need to pay attention to the weather and intentionally choose cool-weather crops, or heat-loving crops, many veggies can be ready right quick! Greens, scallions, radishes, peas and baby beets need way less time to mature than your tomatoes, peppers, squashes and potatoes.

Of course, we vote for you to grow greens!! To learn how to grow them with more nutrients per calorie than what you can buy locally, check out our free video series:

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The Trick is to Pick a Quick-Growing Crop

And to understand its needs. Are you available to do the necessary work (any vacations coming up?) or can you put systems in place to help you water, create proper airflow and suppress weeds?

Water, Temperature and Humidity monitoring are crucial when seeds are sprouting, so you’ll need to make sure that you’re around and keeping a watchful eye on the garden. Generally speaking, 10 minutes each day (or 5 minutes twice a day) is enough to get your garden going during the first two weeks.

The good news is that with greens, 2 weeks is pretty much the half way point! Most greens can be in your salad bowl in 21 – 28 days; I prefer my kale, chard and collards at 40 days, but to each her own!

Growing Greens Year-Round IS Possible, But Requires Some Planning

…but not much! In fact, sometimes when we’re speaking of ‘growing winter greens’, we’re really talking about harvesting winter greens that are no longer growing. If we can get them to maturity and keep them protected from harsh winds and fluctuations in temperature and moisture, they’ll be fine for a few months as we snip away a handful each day.

On the flipside, selecting heat-tolerant greens to plant in hot, humid climates can make all the difference if you’re trying to grow greens throughout challenging hot spells. As long as you understand the needs of the plant variety (extra water, or shade from a tall, neighboring plant) you can usually find something that will grown and thrive during your toughest seasons.

To learn more about what plants can naturally tolerate, download a free extreme temperatures for plant chart here.

Minimum Requirements for Growing Greens

At the least, you’ll need to offer your freshly-planted seeds a minimum of 4 hours of sunlight. Anything less is a gamble and you should also take note that low amounts of sunlight will mean slow growing greens.

Water, good soil, shelter from the hot sun or hail (or heavy downfall under a roofline!) all need to be taken into consideration. If you’re new to gardening, or are gardening in a brand new spot, we have a suggestion for you that can help you figure out exactly where to site your plants and what other considerations you should be thinking about.

Introducing Kale A Rama – Are You In?

Grow Your Own Kale to enjoy on National Kale Day on October 7th!

Join in as we celebrate but this year with at twist. Grow Your Own Kale and eat, blend or juice with us on National Kale Day.

We start planting September 1st but sign up now and you could win a free 6-pack collection of heirloom non-gmo leafy green seeds (the first 100 people to sign up win). Click Here – I’M IN

In Kale A Rama we share tips, recipes and fun videos of how easy it is – with the use of a simple soil bag!

You can stay right here, soil bag gardening forever-more, or you can take everything you’ve learned and put it into action in the ground, in containers, in elevated planters – whatever the best scenario is for you and your life. No matter what you choose to do, the basics that you’ll learn form Kale A Rama won’t change!

Want to win a free seed collection? Click here – I’M IN ! The first 100 people to sign up win!

Why Do You Grow Food?

In this section we ask our listeners to share why they are growing food. This week, Monica of Neptune City, NJ shares why she loves growing food.

You can record YOUR answer here.

You could win a collection of our heirloom leafy green seeds – absolutely free!

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