Interview with Megan Cain: The Creative Vegetable Gardener

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In this week’s episode, we’re talking to Megan Cain, The Creative Vegetable Gardener from Madison, Wisconsin. Megan (our very first interviewee!) shares some of her best tips and tricks around preserving the harvest the easy way, using both the fridge and freezer. We also discuss her great line of Ebooks, which go beyond food preservation and into the realm of seed sowing and focusing in on specific crops, such as garlic, onions, and peppers. Learn more about Megan Cain and what she has to offer by clicking play below!

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Episode 22:Megan Cain, the Creative Vegetable Gardener

(For a full transcript of our interview with Megan, click here…)

Where to find our more about Megan Cain
The Creative Vegetable Gardener Ebooks
Where to Find Carmen Peppers
Seeds Every Month Survey
Why Do You Grow Food?

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Where to Find Out More About Megan Cain

There are plenty of places to check Megan out online – her website, youtube, instagram, as well as other podcasts and interviews.

The Creative Vegetable Gardener E Books

You can find Megan’s Ebooks on her the Learning Center page of her website:

  • Super Easy Seed Starting
  • Super Easy Food Preserving
  • The Essential Guide to Growing Peppers
  • The Essential Guide to Growing Garlic
  • The Essential Guide to Growing Onions

Where to Find Carmen Peppers

As Megan and I discussed, we are both huge fans of Carmen Peppers…. and Jimmy Nardello, Red Marconi, Corno di Toro Rossa and all other Sweet Italian Frying Peppers!

Im fact, we both agree that Frying peppers are way sweeter with a taste more worth waiting for than traditional Bell peppers. They are the just the epitome of summer.

The tricky part, is where to find these varieties as seedlings in the springtime. Liz and I actually go over where and how to source the best seedling varieties each spring on Episode 2: How to Source Healthy plants for a Healthy Garden

The quick advice if your looking for heirloom varieties like Carmen, is to find a CSA farm by searching your zip code at CSA Farms often start way more field plants than they need – with the intention of selling the transplants to home gardeners.

They are often the best suppliers of properly-cared-for seedlings!

Seeds Every Month Survey

Hey – we’re giving away free seed collections in exchange for 4 short answers from you!

We’re really excited to roll out our Seeds Every Month website shortly – think Seeds of the Month Club meets awesome online gardening classes (also delivered monthly!)

Each 6-seed collection will be paired with a short and sweet gardening class aimed at growing your knowledge – the fun way.

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Why Do You Grow Food?

In this section we ask our listeners to share why they are growing food. This week Megan Cain shares her answer with us – thanks Megan!

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